Born in Nilambur, Malappuram district, Kerala, Jain Syriac Babu is a promising young actor in the Malayalam film industry. Jain, who from his matriculation days had pursued dreams in theatre, accomplished it through the amateur theatre work that he did during his graduation and post graduation days. ‘Chora Chathu Kidakkunna Sthalam’ (The land of Blood, Stagnant) in which he performed while doing his post graduation under MG University, won him the university level best actor award. That is when he realizes his true skill and decides to pursue in that path further. He then d├ębuted in ‘Shikkar’ a Malayalam feature film directed by M. Padmakumar starring Mohanlal, the legendary actor. His anti hero role in the film was critically acclaimed and his journey on the silver screen started since. J

Monday, 10 March 2014

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Invisible City's

The play designed and directed by Firoz khan and adapted from the book Invisible city's by Italo Calvino and produced by Abhinaya theatre research centre Trivandrum. I personally learned a lot from this project. The entire process of this play help to identify my acting block and confusions, especially the problems with my body language expressions and voice. I am still working on it.


A young man, victim of a political brutality being forcibly tattooed the hammer and sickle, later becomes a tattoo artist who uses his clients’ body to express his hidden desire to aesthetically perpetuate his pain.

The Land Beyond Hattamala

The play Designed and Directed by Firoz Khan and the play written by Badal Sarkkar and considered this as one of the classic work in the Indian theatre. This was the first perfomance by the group Vastu Performers Studio Wayanad. I also privileged to perform with Firoz Khan.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011